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We provide container gardening & landscape design services for residential and commercial clients in the Portland, Oregon and SW Washington area.

Our designs are well-suited for patios & decks, balconies, storefronts, restaurants, atriums, sidewalks and anywhere else that can benefit from the unique beauty of container plantings. We also provide centerpieces & botanical arrangements for events such as weddings, conferences, & dinners.

We have experience with a wide range of styles: traditional to modern, minimalist to ornate, native species, edible plantings, drought-tolerant, privacy screens, and much more. Available for a variety of projects, whether you have a completely blank slate or just an existing design in need of some TLC!

Our Services

Consultation & Design: Our designs are intended to make sense functionally as well as aesthetically – the goal is to select a combination of containers & plants that are not only beautiful but that thrive in your location and provide you with a lovely space year-round.

Installation: Full services from container & plant procurement to irrigation installation and the planting itself.

Maintenance: Optional year-round upkeep including pruning, fertilizing, pest & disease control, and refreshment/updating of existing designs.

Seminars & Demos: Available for public appearances demonstrating container planting in general, or in more specific areas (container vegetable gardening or xeriscaping, for example).